Win $500 for college!!!!
The Law Office of Adam Futrell presents its FIRST AMENDMENT ESSAY CONTEST
Write an essay, win $500 for college. It’s that simple. Here’s how to enter:
Read this article carefully:
After reading, please write 500-1000 words on (1) whether the right to free speech should include the right to say things that are offensive and controversial, and (2) which side of the campus free speech debate is more persuasive (and why).
Email your essay in PDF or Word format to
– Open only to students in grades 9-12 in McCracken, Marshall, Calloway, Ballard, Graves, Carlisle, Lyon, and Livingston Counties.
– One submission per student. Submission must be written by student.
– All submissions must include the author’s name and a contact email address.
– All submissions must be received at no later than 12:00AM CST on December 31, 2015.
– One winner will be selected by judges on the following criteria: reasoning, quality of writing, and evidence/support offered. Judges’ decisions are final and binding, not subject to review.
– Winner’s submission will be published by the Law Office of Adam Futrell on Facebook and website. Submitting your essay is giving your consent to publication.
– Winner will be paid in cash, to be used for educational purposes.