Today, “Ask Adam” tackles a question that is on the minds of almost everyone injured in a car accident:

“Who is the best car accident lawyer?”

Of course, I’m a little biased on this one. But in all seriousness and humility, I can tell you that I’m not the best car accident lawyer for every case. Instead, who’s the best lawyer for your case is a personal question that only you can answer. Generally, the best car accident lawyer for you is the one who:

  • Knows the law and the process of resolving car accident cases
  • Works hard to understand your motivations, goals, and concerns
  • Has experience achieving good results for clients like you
  • Makes you feel comfortable
  • Keeps you apprised on what’s happening in your case
  • Believes in your case
  • Always tells you the truth
  • Treats you with respect

The best car accident lawyers are not always the ones who spend the most money on advertising (though sometimes they are). There are so many talented, experienced car accident lawyers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois that a good one is easy to find if you take your time and search carefully. To make sure you get the best car accident attorney for your case, take a few important steps:

  • Ask around — reputations are often quite accurate
  • Meet with several personal injury lawyers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions about how your case will be handled, what to expect, and how easy it is to talk to your attorney.
  • Ask questions about fees and expenses. You don’t want any surprises on this front.
  • Carefully read any attorney’s engagement agreement before you sign
  • Check with the KBA to make sure your attorney has a clean disciplinary history

Ultimately, the best car accident lawyer for you may be different that the best one for your neighbor or friend. Your relationship with your personal injury attorney will, ideally, be one of trust and cooperation toward a shared goal: getting you the best possible result. Trust your instincts. If a lawyer just doesn’t feel “right”, then that’s not the best car accident lawyer for you. You should walk away before signing the dotted line. There are plenty of excellent personal injury lawyers and you should never feel coerced into working with any particular one.