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Some of the worst auto accidents involve tractor trailers. When these massive rigs are operated negligently, they can cause collisions that result in the most devastating injuries and property damage. Considering that some of these tractor trailers are over 30,000 pounds and 55 feet long, it’s not hard to understand how a tractor trailer accident can change people’s lives forever.

For a terrifying example of just how serious a tractor trailer accident can be, take a look at this recent accident near our office in Paducah, Kentucky: Paducah Tractor Trailer Accident – WPSD

Obviously, a tractor trailer accident can be life-altering events, which often result in substantial claims and settlements for victims.

That’s why, if you or a loved one are injured in a tractor trailer accident, it’s time to get a serious personal injury lawyer with experience prosecuting successful claims against commercial carriers. Call personal injury attorney Adam Futrell for a free consultation.