Some of the worst vehicle accidents involve commercial trucks or tractor trailers. When these massive rigs are operated negligently, they can cause the most devastating injuries. Considering that some tractor trailers are over 30,000 pounds and 55 feet long, it’s not hard to understand how a commercial truck or tractor trailer accident can change people’s lives forever.

Obviously, a tractor trailer or commercial truck accident can be a life-altering event, which often results in substantial claims and settlements for victims. If you are ever involved in an accident with commercial truck or tractor trailer, you need legal representation as soon as possible.

There is a whole body of regulations and law that governs how commercial trucks and tractor trailers must operate on public roads. These rules are different than general traffic regulations, and your lawyer needs to be able to understand and use these rules to hold commercial truck operators responsible for negligent or unlawful operation. Additionally, commercial vehicles are usually insured differently than standard motor vehicles. These insurance policies can result in better recoveries for injured people, but only if qualified counsel get involved on your side.

That’s why we are here. Call us and get a serious personal injury lawyer with experience prosecuting successful claims against commercial carriers. We have fought and won these cases against commercial truck operators, and we are ready to help you. Call personal injury attorney Adam Futrell for a free consultation.