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August 17, 2020

Who is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer?
I am, of course.
Just kidding!
These are serious questions. Which lawyer gets the biggest settlements? Which lawyer settles cases for the most money, most quickly? Who is the best lawyer in Paducah for my personal injury case? All of these questions have the same answer: the best lawyer for your case is an experienced lawyer that you trust.
When you’re searching for a lawyer to get the most compensation for your serious car accident or other injury claim, you’re looking for a qualified professional who will treat you with care and personal concern. You’re also looking for a skilled practitioner who can devise and execute a plan to get you a great result.
Every licensed lawyer in Kentucky completes three years of law school, then takes a rigorous bar exam that is designed to weed out those who did not learn enough during their professional education. That bar exam tests our ability to practice law, and it is quite effective in determining whether a person has the ability to do this job. However, the fact remains that even after all this education and testing, lawyers actually learn to practice law in only one way: by practicing law.
Because actually practicing law is the only way to really learn, experience is at least as important as skill when you’re selecting your personal injury lawyer. Therefore, when screening lawyers for your car accident or other injury, look for lawyers with a track record of success and a history of getting good results for their clients. Online reviews, friends’ experiences, and other lawyers are great sources of references to help you find the lawyer with the right experience.

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