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Our Book: How to Pick the Right Lawyer

How to pick the right lawyer, and how to thrive in your relationship with that lawyer throughout your legal matter, is critically important to moving forward through your legal challenges. In more than 12 years of law practice, I’ve found that finding the right match between lawyer and client is THE KEY to finding success in legal matters. No matter how smart or dedicated the lawyer, no matter how interested and passionate the client, the relationship has to be right from the start or it will never work.

Hiring a lawyer may be one of the most consequential decisions you ever make. Because that’s the case, you need to put a great deal of thought into your choice. Most clients take the choice of legal counsel with appropriate seriousness, but many people simply don’t know how to weigh their options.

There is no authoritative guide out there as to what factors make a good lawyer or what clients should look for and expect from that lawyer. No one teaches you this stuff in school.

So unless you are fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to deal with lawyers on a frequent basis, you will probably find yourself wondering what to make of the lawyer sitting across the table from you in your first interview.

Knowing what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to picking the right lawyer enables you to choose with confidence. You will know that your very serious legal matter is going to be handled with efficiency, care, and professionalism. Shaping your relationship with your lawyer, knowing what to expect at different stages in the process and how you can be the best possible client will enable you and your lawyer to get off on the right foot and remain a productive team through the entire matter.

I’ve written a book on how to pick the right lawyer, entitled “Your Case, Your Call.” This book provides guidance on the difficult process of choosing and working with your lawyer. The book is available, free of charge, simply by requesting it on our “Contact Us” page.

I hope you will give serious consideration to the advice and guidance I’ve laid out in “Your Case, Your Call”, and that the book will be a valuable guide to a difficult decision.

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